Development of new products inventions and patents

מנגנון הנחתת משלוחים

A quality prototype may persuade investors to believe in a patent and invest in it the best of their money. There is no doubt that Gizmo is devoting considerable resources to creating a meticulous and qualitative prototype in order to make it easier for customers to present it to investors, thereby increasing the chances of convincing them of the profitability of the investment.

The company's engineers, industrial designers and dedicated product developers who join together to carry out all planning and development processes and gather them to create a prototype of the siege and / or its packaging.

Through a structured and structured product design, engineering design, instrumentation and advanced technological methods, paying attention and investing efforts in product design and preparation for production, Gizmo is in the forefront of patent manufacturers.

To excite investors:

Every investor carefully and meticulously examines the feasibility of the patent. When a prototype is presented to investors, it is designed and created by the best in the profession, including mechanical engineers, Hadass Electronics, industrial designer and development specialists in various fields such as: products and patents in the fields of medicine, agriculture, communications, electronics, industry, communications, environmental quality in general and energy. Yucca in particular and more.

When the involvement of the company's engineers and other "combat supporters" involved in the development of patents and their transformation into products is involved in the entire process of developing a prototype, the stage prior to obtaining approval for the start of a serial production - the initiators of the patent, To potential investors at very advanced stages of its formulation and design.

With feet on the ground:

Our job at Guizmo is not to cut the dreamers' wings off the dream of applying the patents, which they think in their feverish creative minds, but to bring the dreamers to the ground and enable the patent to be carried out, from the drafting table and the computer programmer to the market